About Me

I am a researcher, a writer, and above all a teacher. My own weaknesses challenge me to master skills, gain knowledge and acquire expertise. Events around me prompt reactions and motivate me to pen my thoughts without beating around the bush. However, the best of my writings I feel are the expressions of my own inner turmoil and desire to change myself and the world around me for a better tomorrow. In that sense, I am a dreamer and believe that the world is inherently good. Thoughts of love, hope and joy reflect in my creative writings which mostly include poetry in both my mother tongue Odia and English, my adopted language of communication. I try to speak the language of the listener and thus indulge in Hindi and Bengali, and hardly get to speak in Odia other than with my mother. In that sense, Odia is truly my mother tongue.

I love food, all kinds of food. My joy knew no bounds when I found the flower of Pumpkin an Odia delicacy in Italian spaghetti in Rome. Growing up in Odisha, spending crucial childhood in my paternal ancestral village of Byree, to the oversized bungalows in the sprawling campus of Vanivihar where my father spent his entire professional life, I have always loved the way trees and plants bear fruit and almost magically turn up in our plates. The journey of food from the earth to the plate has always fascinated me and prompted my interest in gardening which remains a nourishing pastime with me. Whether it is a balcony garden or almost half an acre of backyard, growing plants and vegetables always remained a passion.

I love travelling and have visited places far and wide. I have lived in Hong Kong, Singapore and United Kingdom (Oxford). London was my best residential address abroad and Kailash Mansarovar the most enchanting travel destination. I have made an attempt to weave in the different narratives of my varied experiences in this place – my webpage.