Buddha and Sujata

February 15, 2024

When you left royalty for anonymity

Little did you know that

You are being led onto the path of Buddha

And when you were feeble and all bones

From atrocities of the flesh

There was me, Sujata offering you Kheer.

Humanity had no witness, nature did not care

As you took your middle path of flowing like a river

Turning backwards to the place where we had met

Decades had passed by with scars to heal in lost time

Both yours and mine in accepting love and light

Through new births, re-births and salvation of joy

Bangkok to Bodhgaya, Ayodhya to Puri

Beaches and temples and ruins of Nalanda

Carried the footsteps of wandering gypsies

Two souls entwined into one where blood

Refused to entangle even after ‘tarpan’ at Haridwar

Happiness lies in the self, says Astabakra!

Sujata accepted anonymity

blessed and bonded    

And you treaded gilded destiny

unchained and liberated

you became the Buddha

sans desires, sans dazzles! 

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